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Here at Sakile’s Nutrition & Fitness Consulting Services, our mission is to ensure that every client has a unique learning and transformational experience in the journey towards better health and fitness. 

  • We use a holistic approach to help support health and the body’s innate healing response. 

  • We take the biochemical individuality of each client into consideration before developing and recommending suggestions for dietary changes, the selection of whole foods, nutritional supplements, appropriate exercise programs, lifestyle adjustments, and environmental modifications. 

  • We employ a variety of assessment tools in our practice including comprehensive health evaluations, diet and lifestyle histories, diet and nutrition analyses, questionnaires, self-assessments, and fitness assessments.

  • We value all of our customers and earn their highest esteem by ensuring that we always take that one extra step to exceed their service expectations.

Our nutrition consulting practice and personal training studio are both based in Mercersburg, PA. Consultations may be in-person, by telephone, or virtual.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our website or the services we offer. 
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Our company’s symbol is the pink Dendrobium orchid. It represents a rare and delicate beauty, thoughtfulness and pride; and also symbolizes strength and maturity. We think it appropriately conveys the essence of what we most value at Sakile’s Nutrition & Fitness Consulting Services.

It is our intention that our offerings at Sakile’s Nutrition & Fitness Consulting Services will provide our customers with sound knowledge and a practical approach that they may incorporate into their daily lives in order to support their overall well-being.  

     Sakile / Sa-kee-lay / npeace and beauty.
      2 stay and build. 3 stay connected and 
keep building.
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"Be healthy and change your world, one step at a time."

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“The breath is a connection between the body and the mind. When you begin to breathe in and out mindfully, your body will come back to your mind and your mind will go back to your body.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh